Tehiz Mining Industrial and Engineering Group with about 25 years of working experience in line with the goals of saving and reducing the costs of mines in accordance with international standards in the industry of crushing and crushing and granulating sand and ...
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Supply and production of machinery for crushing lines and mineral granulation, asphalt impact crusher plant (Cubit 120 - Cubit 180 - Cubit both sides - Cubit HS10) types of jaw crushers, feeders, sanders, salt sand, ...
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1- Bushehr stone crusher equipment 2- Tabriz sand factory equipment 3- Ahvaz asphalt factory equipment 4-...
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madantajhiz Industrial Group

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With the possession of the most accurate and up-to-date equipment for the production and provision of complete sand and sand facilities, and with the use of an experienced and technical staff, Al-Tajiz Mining Industrial Group has carried out many successful and significant projects in all parts of the country.

With the grace of God and the support of its engineers, this group intends to provide all related activities with the latest technology and serve its customers.

madantajhiz Industrial Group



Repair and sale of all types of stone crushers


Mobile sand line

Repair and sale of all types of sand machines


Equipment for transporting sand and granulation

Repair and sale of all kinds of sand and granulation equipment

You can trust us!

We are ready to provide the highest quality of our services for the best results of your work

High Quality

In the process of production of parts, equipment and industrial machines of stone crushing lines after designing, choosing suitable raw materials in a way that can meet the needs and expectations of customers in terms of different time conditions and working environment is of special importance for us. Is.

after sales service

Mining Equipment Industrial Group is trying to provide the best after-sales service in order to satisfy its customers as much as possible. The sale and delivery of the product is not the end of the work, it is the beginning of the commitment.

Flexible prices

The company's products are usually made according to your wishes and needs, dear customers. Therefore, the product can be produced according to your order, and naturally, the price of the product changes according to the type of your order, and we are ready to make any type of order with any price range that you want.

Expert technical team

Mine Equipment Industrial Group has always tried to attract high expertise in different levels of the company, therefore, one of the most important strategies of the company's managers since its establishment has been to attract expert and professional personnel in order to use this ability to provide the best services. provide to customers.
Customer satisfaction
Specialists in our team
Industry awards
Successful projects


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What all good people have, we have together

The industrial group of Tehzij Mofkhtar ist has taken an important step towards achieving your goals by having the most complete and high-quality services related to the machines of the stone crushing lines.

Our goal is to satisfy your loved ones and dear colleagues, and this is not possible unless we can provide you with good and quality services.

The percentage of satisfaction of you customers has shown that we have achieved our goal to a large extent and we have been proud in this way.


Design and drawing



Supply of parts and accessories

Repairs and renovations

free consultation!

How do we work?

zero to hundred



After you contact our marketing colleagues and place your order, your order will be registered and delivered to the analyst team to continue with the next steps.



Our team of designers and analysts examine all the angles of the order with all their power and technical knowledge and provide the best plan to produce or fix the defects in the product.



After detailed checks, the technical and engineering teams of the production get to work and produce and assemble the product design. This work is the most important part of our work and we try to implement it with utmost precision and quality.


Reporting and support

Product delivery is not the end of our commitment. After the final product enters the workshop circuit, the evaluation teams always get reports from the machine operator to ensure the health of the product. If there is a technical problem report in these evaluations, our support team will fix it by phone or in person.

We know how it works!

If your device has a problem, just call us

We are here to help you

With about 25 years of working experience, Mining Equipment Industrial Group is the best option for specialized advice on your devices. If you encounter a problem while working with the device, be sure to contact us so that we can prevent further damage with each other’s help.

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madantajhiz Industrial Group

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Company goals

  1. Supplying the basic needs of the country’s mining industry
  2. Supplying machinery and setting up mineral processing lines
  3. Supplying parts of mining machinery and asphalt plant

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